Solace Bird


I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Australia.  While I am fortunate to get to visit there each year, it had been a few years since I had done the northern and eastern sections where there were still a few lifer possibilities for me.  Topping my list of want-to-see birds that I could reasonably expect was the sprightly White-browed Robin, Poecilodryas superciliosa.  While not a rare bird, per se, it is a scarce bird along our tour route, with specific tastes in habitat, namely dense riparian gallery woodland and monsoonal forest.  And for one reason or another, our paths had not crossed in previous years.  And so as I set off for this year’s Australia visit, I set my sights on connecting with this little gem to privately help lift my flagging spirits.

With our local guide and driver Jun Matsui, we headed to Big Mitchell Creek, a traditional site for the robin located along the western edge of the Atherton Tableland between Mareeba and Mount Molloy.  Luck was with us, for within ten minutes of arriving, we could hear one calling along the creek.  After trekking over in that direction, we soon found a pair of birds.  What a fabulous sight!  Attached is a shot of one as well as a recording of its call.  More than enough to lift my spirits for a time.

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