Cluck and You

Welcoming the new year, I’ve been listening around for new music. Thanks to the NPR Music iPhone App and WNYC’s Spinning On Air, I’ve been introduced to the music of Diane Cluck. She describes herself as an intuitive folk artist, a kitchen witch performing folk music guided by instinctual recipe. Her Facebook page lists her influences as 21st century American pain, greenstuff that grows through the concrete, textile history, crystals, minerals, fermentation, hair, shape / form, and retarded taboos. Here is a link to her WNYC Spinning On Air session. When you’ve got some time, have a listen.

If you like eclectic, like me, you might just find yourself loving her music. I was, to be cliche, blown away. I find her melodies playing out in my head, and her lyrics touch me in unpredictable ways. Just the sort of stuff that leaves you wanting more. Now Diane Cluck has embarked on an ambitious project to bring new music to her fans. If you like her sound, consider supporting her song-of-the-week project, which if properly funded, will deliver new music to her fans over six months beginning in March! Here are some videos showcasing her performance and explaining her song-of-the-week project.

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